Our Mission

Founded to support structural scientists
Save your priceless time & efforts

In biology there is  no famous saying that structure determines function. In other words, knowing the structure will also help us estimate the function of protein and  develop new drugs as a result.
Scientists have made an effort to figure out the protein structure. As a result of their efforts, X-ray crystallography appeared. But X-ray crystallography is challenging in membrane proteins and large protein complexes whose crystals are barely obtainable.
Technical breakthrough brought the cryo-EM, which has almost been a concept, bring into the real world. But we needs more breakthroughs in preparing vitrified specimens. Conventioal method uses paper filtering. But this method can hardly guarantee the quality of specimen. So a lot of researchers have spent most of the research time and effort to make good grids.
We came up with the idea that we could estimate the thickness of the remaining samples in the grid if we were to measure the change of the intensity of a diffracton spot.
We embodied above idea into experimental instruments, Diffracto Plunger.
We have a firm belif that our instruments save priceless time and efforts wasted.
Use our instrument and save your time and efforts.
Good luck.


CTO : Nam-Chul Ha, Ph.D. 

CTO of XTEM BioLab CO., Ltd.

Seoul National University,
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,
Department of Agricultural Biotechnology,
Program in Food Science and Biotechnology
Food Biochemistry Lab

e hanc210@gmail.com
t +82-10-3908-0984


Education and Training
1991-1997 B.S. in Microbiology, Seoul National University
1997-2002 Ph.D. in Biology, POSTECH
Professional Career
2002-2004          Post-Doc., Stanford University
2004-2008          Assistant Professor, Pusan National University
2008-2013          Associate Professor, Pusan National University
2013-2014          Professor, Pusan National University
2014-2016          Associate Professor, Seoul National University
2016-Present     Professor, Seoul National University
2019 – Present  XTEMBIOLAB Co. , SEOUL, KOREA                              
                               Chief Technology Officer

CEO : Youngjoo Na, ex CFA, FRM

CEO of XTEM BioLab CO., Ltd.

e nyj9109@gmail.com
t +82-10-2027-7390


Education and Training
1991-1997 B.S. in Microbiology, Seoul National University
1998-2000 M.B.A. degree in Business Administration, Seoul National University
Work Experiences
2000–2000         Korea Housing Bank, SEOUL, KOREA      
2000–2003         Hyundai Investment & Securities Co. , SEOUL, KOREA
2003–2006         Hangaram Investment Management Co. , SEOUL, KOREA      
2006–2010         LK Asset Management Co. , SEOUL, KOREA
2019 – Present  XTEMBIOLAB Co. , SEOUL, KOREA
                               Chief Executive Officer

Our Products

Diffracto Plunger & Micro Spray Machine

We recommand this solution if you want to make good grids. Our machine is based on the scientific reasoning not on the trial and error as was conventional method.
Until recently structural scientists have no choice but to take trial and error strategy in preparing cryo-EM grids. But we believe the situation is in a different phase by our machine, Diffracto Plunger & Micro Spray Machine.  

There are 5 big challenges in preparing good cryo-EM grids.
1)Air-water interface
2)Surface tension
3)The vibrational motions of the proteins
4)Grid properties, Glow discharging
5)Protein itself as an impotance infuluencer governing the ice thickness.

Our machine almost solves the 5 big challenges. It is based on the simple scientific rule that the diffraction shows the average or comprehensive status of 2 levels of 2D-regularity in quantifoil grids. If we examine the intensity change of the diffraction spots by blotting with filter papers, we not only could monitor the grid state in real time but obtain the right time for plunge-freezing for reasonable ice thickness. This could result in reduction of the number of grids, which should be examined in cryo-EM machines.
We provide 3 modes in preparing cryo-EM grids and the researchers could have a choice.
Our machine reduce your priceless time and effort.
Good luck.

Nylon-mesh-based sample holders for fixed target femtosecond crystallography by Dr. Nam, Ki-Hyun is now preparing

We want to add this invention to our solutions if there is chance and allowance from Dr. Nam, Ki-Hyun. 

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XTEM Biolab Co., Ltd. 
Room 590 5th Floor, 4, Gukhoe-daero 72-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea(07238)


t. +82-10-2027-7390
e. nyj9109@gmail.com